Cards for Troops Contest

Contest Is Closed

We collected 11,742 Cards in 2018!!

Winners Announcement! 
Our Grand Prize winner Karlene Becker, First Runner Up Hendrixetta Watts, and Second Runner Up Kathleen Capachione. Karlene won the Silhouette Cameo, Hendrixetta won the $100 Gift Certificate to Scrapbooking for Less, and Kathleen won the Silhouette Mint. Congrats to all of our winners and to everyone who participated this year!!


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2018 Cards for Troops
We have a very exciting contest to announce.

It is our Seventh Annual "Cards for Troops" Contest. 
Last year, we collected over 14,038 handmade Christmas cards for soldiers overseas.
Each one had a handwritten note, expressing gratitude for the sacrifices
that are made each day by our men and women in harm's way.

We are collecting handmade Christmas Cards to send over to the troops.
All cards will be sent overseas mid-November.  
So what is the contest and what are the prizes?

First, I will start with the prizes. 
The Grand Prize is a Brand New Silhouette Cameo 3 Cutting Machine (valued at $299)
The First runner-up will receive $100 Gift Certificate to Scrapbooking for Less 
The Second runner-up prize is the Silhouette Mint (valued at $129)
Check out the Silhouette Machines here:
A Huge Thank You to Silhouette America for donating the Cameo 3 and Mint this year!! 
They are so generous and supportive of our contest!

So how can you win?
For every handmade card that you send us, you will receive 

one entry into a drawing. So the more cards you send, the better your chances are of winning!  Mid-November, we will draw the winning names. The first name drawn will win the Silhouette Cameo 3 and the second name drawn will win the Gift Certificate to Scrapbooking for Less, the third name drawn will will the Silhouette Mint.
So, let's get busy making cards to show our love and support
to the troops!! You can ask all your scrapbooking and card making friends to help
you win...get them making cards too!! The more cards you send, the more entries
you will get into the drawing!!
Teachers:  Have your students make cards!!
Moms: Have your kids make cards!!
All contests have rules, right?
Here are some very important rules for our card contest:
1. All cards must be postmarked on or before November 5, 2018 to qualify 
for the drawing. Drawing will be mid-November after we ship all the cards out.
We have an earlier date this year because the contest has grown so much we need extra time to process, sort, and ship all your beautiful cards.  Plus, we want to ship earlier this year to make sure the troops get them before Christmas.

2.  Christmas cards may NOT have any glitter of any kind on them. 

No Glitter Paper, Glitter Pens, or even shimmery embossing powder.  No Glitter of any kind or the box will be rejected by the military and the troops won't get any of the cards in their box.  If you are questioning if it is acceptable it probably is not, so please don't use anything glittery of any kind.
Glitter falls off and can stick to the soldiers and make them shine at night
when they are trying not to be seen!
***Cards with glitter can not be sent and will not be included in the contest.***
3. Please include a handwritten message to the soldier.
No Blank Cards...they must have a message inside to the soldier receiving the card. 
They are away from home and family over the holidays.
These cards mean so much to them knowing that they are not forgotten.
 Please DO NOT SEND Unsigned or Blank Cards.

4. MUST BE HANDMADE.  We would prefer (but not required) an A2 size card.
It is easier to pack like size cards.
No envelopes please.
Here is an A2 Card size instruction video
5. If you are a teacher, or know a teacher, have the kids or their classrooms make cards
and add a message inside.  Moms get your kids to help you make cards.  
Are you in a card club, or card swap?  Have them help you!
6. Please Read: Make sure that you include your name, address, email address, phone number,
and number of cards in your box or package so that we can submit your name for
every card that you send and so we can contact you if you win.  All cards must have proper postage...please check postage on the box you ship to us.
Last year we had a few arrive with postage due that we had to pay to receive the cards.
7.  Happy card making!!!
Please pay special attention to each rule for a successful contest.  This contest has grown so much and the rules just makes everything easier for us to process the large amount of cards we receive. 

Please send all cards to:
Scrapbooking for Less
1001 El Paso Drive
Great Falls, MT 59404

 If you have any questions, please email
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****Due to the Size and Weight of our Prizes, this contest is only open to US addresses.****
We collected 14,038 cards last year!! 
Here are some pictures I took.  Enjoy!!
Our Postman the best for bringing all these here in the cold!!
My mom and dad are such a huge help every year!
Yaaaay!! My son is home from college for Thanksgiving!!
Everyone works so hard!! My husband helped too but I didn't get him in the picture.
The boxes are getting full!!
Time to straighten the boxes for shipping!
This is how the box looks before we add bubbles and tape it up!
Can you find your card?  We recieved so many this year it was hard not to cover ones!